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cloth diapering is a huge part of our life. we try as much as we can to be sustainable, and when i think about how much money we are saving and how much of a positive impact we are making on the planet with cloth diapering, i feel more and more secure about our decision to cloth diaper.

my journey in cloth diapering started five years ago when oliver was born. i wasn’t fully committed at first because i didn’t have much knowledge of it-and we had a ton of diapers to go through from the baby shower-but after a few months, i hopped on board and we used gdiapers and alvas exclusively. i even made diaper inserts for them! so when we found out we were pregnant with joseph, i went a little cloth diaper crazy and bought a ton of cloth diapers.

we started out with gdiapers again because they worked so well with oliver. but then i hated them. i could never get a good fit on joseph and he always peed right out the side of the diaper, no matter what. then we tried the econobum prefolds and covers and while they worked well, i didn’t like how bulky they were. i finally decided that we needed to get alvas. i really loved the few i had with oliver, but because you need a full stash, it was too expensive at the time to attain that amount. this time i was able to get what we needed, plus some bamboo fitteds for overnight use with flip covers, since joseph was a heavy wetter. we started out with 15, but since then our stash has grown to 26, not including fitteds, swim diapers, one bum genius, and two other brands.

pocket diapers, specifically alvas, are our absolute favorite. they’re incredibly easy to use, affordable, they don’t take forever to dry (like AIO’s) and come in very fun and cute prints. because they’re affordable, it’s really easy to get a good stash going, even if you’re buying just a few at a time. if you know you plan to cloth diaper, i suggest stocking up over the course of your pregnancy so when baby comes you have a real good stash. and ask for them on your registry!
​if you’re a seasoned cloth diaperer, it’s not hard to get back into the swing of things. but if you’re new to cloth diapering, there will be some trial and error as well as figuring out the best routine for you. even with all of the information out there, it can get a bit overwhelming for newbie fluffers. i am no pro at cloth diapering, but i have found a routine (and some tips) that works for me that i would love to share with you guys.
  • get a good stash going. you can do that by purchasing all at once, buying throughout your pregnancy, or registering for them for your baby shower. don’t be afraid of second-hand, either; it’s an inexpensive way to add to a stash. a good stash is between 15-24 diapers, on the higher end with a newborn. that is with a wash schedule of every other to every two days, depending on baby’s age.
  • if you’re going to do cloth wipes as well, alva has some great bamboo ones that are so soft! we also use bumkins. you can use just water in a spray bottle or peri bottle (the kind they send home with you from the hospital) or you can make a wipe solution. there are lots of diy recipes on pinterest, but we love wee essentials on etsy.
  • if you have some cloth diapering friends, ask them what their fave cloth brands and types are and why. see what their routine is and compare to what you feel might work for you (ie: how many kids are in cloth, how often they wash, etc.).
  • join your local cloth diapering group(s) on facebook. there are always great resources and info in there and even mama’s who might let you try out their cloth to see if you like it. b/s/t groups are great, too-bonus if they’re local!
  • figure out how you want to store your clean cloth, as well as the soiled cloth. we keep our cloth diapers on an ikea raskog cart in the boys’ room, but plan to move them to a wall shelf soon, since the baby loves to pull everything out of the cart! the soiled ones we keep in a huge hanging wet bag, but some people use a pail with a liner. i prefer the wet bag for aesthetics, but would definitely use a pail and liner if we had a laundry room accessible from inside the house.
  • invest in a diaper sprayer! you wont need one until baby starts solids, but my routine of taking the poopy diapers outside and hosing them off is becoming quite inconvenient. you’ll need one for all of those sticky solid food poo’s that don’t just flop off into the toilet. you will need one, i promise.
  • get cloth diaper safe diaper cream. coconut oil is what we use, but burt’s bees multi-purpose ointment (not their diaper rash cream) is safe as well as these other brands.
  • you will need cloth diaper safe laundry soap. we use tide original scent powder, but there are other brands out there that work just fine. you want to stay away from optical brighteners and fabric softeners. for a full list of detergents, go here.
  • it is suggested to have a washing machine that will get your cloth diapers clean without you having to do (hardly) any prep work to achieve that. it should have a center post agitator, a large enough tub to accommodate your stash, and fill with a lot of water. ‘he’ machines are fine, as long as you can select how much water fills the tub. we had a washer with no agitator and ‘sensed’ the load size and gave ‘just enough’ water to wash our items. we had so much build-up and had to go out and buy an old washer and then strip the heck out of the diapers to get them where they needed to be. there is nothing worse than ammonia smell in diapers, as well as ammonia burns on your baby’s sweet skin!
  • figure out a wash routine. depending on how many diapers you have in your stash, you should be washing every other day, every two days, or every three days-but definitely do not go longer than three days before washing. we wash every other day, or every two days, depending on how much time we have and what’s going on. we can go three days between washes, but i prefer not to, as we get down to the last few and i have to throw everything in the dryer to speed up the drying process. and the dryer is fine on occasion, but too much dryer use with pul can break it down sooner. hang dry is best, whether inside or out.
  • have fun! we buy fun and nerdy prints that get us excited about cloth diapering. alva has tons of prints that are incredibly adorable. our favorites are these, these, and we already have this one!
those tips should help you get started in your very own cloth diapering journey. here are some tips with washing, prepping/stripping, and the general ‘how to’ cloth diaper. keep in mind that this is my routine and what works for my family. adjust how you see fit! these instructions can work for pocket diapers or prefolds and flats with diaper covers. if you use AIO’s, there is no need to separate inserts, as the inserts are already sewn in. to see different type of cloth diapers, check out the humbled homemaker!
if you would like to print out these instructions and hang them up in your laundry room and cloth diapering station, feel free to save the image and print. i won’t be a copyright nazi or anything, but i do ask that if you share these, to please credit me and tag me wherever possible. thank you!
​if you plan to hang dry everything, or even just the covers, invest in a good drying rack and/or a clothesline. i’m saving up for an umbrella clothesline!
​i gifted these printables to my sis-in-law with some cloth diapers from alva. they look great in frames in your laundry room and diapering stations. you can easily make your own using picmonkey! now, for some cute fluff spam. from alva, of course! (they’re seriously my fave!!!)
​if you have any tips yourself, or a routine that has worked for you, please share with us below! link your blog posts, forums, or simply just write it out. happy cloth diapering!


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When I was pregnant, I received SO many strange looks when I told people I planned to cloth diaper. I got a lot of Good luck with that! and You’re crazy! remarks, and I even had a friend bet me $50 that we wouldn’t last with them… (Kate, pay up! hehe). In retrospect, I should’ve seen it coming. I guess I didn’t realize how intimidating cloth diapers are these days, when in reality they were such a mainstream thing only 50ish years ago. Why are we all so afraid of them now?

Well in this post, I’m going to give you five reasons why you should TRY cloth diapering. I’m not trying to convince you to throw away every single disposable diaper you have and never use one again. This post is geared towards making cloth a little less intimidating and a little more mainstream, as disposable diapers are. If all you get from these tips is a better understand in cloth diapers, I’m happy!

So let’s get to it! 5 reasons why you should give cloth diapers a good ole try:

You will save money.
I mean, that’s pretty obvious right? But sometimes I don’t think people understand just how MUCH money you save.  Let’s say you buy the generic Target brand (Up & Up) diapers in bulk for 190 diapers for $28.99, so about 15 cents per diaper. And let’s say you use 6 diapers a day, so that’s 90 cents a day spent on diapers. Really, that’s not too bad… but multiple that by 365 days and that’s $328.50 spent. Now, let’s say you don’t start potty training until your baby is two-years-old. So that’s $657 for two years worth of disposable diapers. And that’s with a generic store brand disposable diaper. If you go organic or name brands, the cost will go up.

My entire cloth diaper stash cost me $160. They will last until Kensington is potty trained and I can even use them on our next child. I really want to point out the financial benefit of cloth diapering, because it was our biggest motivation, and it is for a lot of families.

Yes, I know I need to factor in laundry detergent and water bills, but really we haven’t seen a spike in either, so for us it’s a really miniscule increase.

It’s not all or nothing.
This is probably my biggest point to this post… It’s not all or nothing! We use disposable diapers at night still and I’m 100% okay with that. You don’t have to buy a whole stash up front like we did. Even if you just use cloth diaper a few times a day, you will be saving money and keeping more diapers out of the landfill. I think a lot of people think you either use disposables OR you use cloth diapers, but there are tons of people out there who use both and that’s just as awesome as using one or the other!

Cloth diapers have an amazing resale value.
Yes, even after they’ve been used! Cloth diapers are very easy to strip with bleach so that they can be reused. So my diaper stash will not only be able to save me money on our daughter, but the same stash will save my money on our next child! And even after we’re done diapering babies, I can sell them at a good rate, depending on their condition.  I could end up lowering the original $160 spent on our stash. And  “gently used” cloth diapers can be resold for almost the full amount that they were bought at, so there really isn’t much of a risk to try them. 🙂

They’re so stinking cute!
Seriously though, I can’t get enough of our diapers. Majority of our stash is Alva Baby and they are not only great quality, but are also so ADORABLE. I have to believe that cloth diapering would be so much more of a nuisance if the prints weren’t so cute. I love letting Kensington lounge around in that diaper-only look because they fit her perfectly and look adorable on her. We just can’t get enough!

They’re much more modernized now.
If you had asked me two years ago what I knew about cloth diapers, I would’ve replied with safety pins and lots of folding because that’s how cloth diapers used to be (and can still be now, of course). BUT there are a ton of options for cloth diapers besides just folding and safety pinning. In fact, a lot of them are just like disposables in terms of how they go on. Some have velcro and some have buttons; some you stuff with inserts and some are all-in-ones that require zero stuffing or folding. They are made to be more convenient for cloth diapering mothers. You don’t have to spend too much time folding in between diaper changes; you just change them into a clean diaper, just as if it were a disposable!

Also, a lot of moderned diapers are one-sized. Our Alva Baby pocket diapers are one-sized, meaning that they use snaps to change the fit and size of the diaper. So Kensington will be able to fit into the same diapers at 8 lbs and at 35 lbs. This is super convenient because my stash should last me up until Kensie is potty trained, which saves us more money!

*BONUS: You have less “blowouts” in cloth diapers.
Yup! Those dreaded outfit-ruining diaper blowouts that run up your kids back are better contained. Gosh those blowouts are what nightmares are made of. But, with cloth diapers, they happen less! The elastic in the covers and diapers hold in the poo better than disposables, so it keeps it all in the diapers, where it should be. If that’s not a good enough reason to try cloth, I don’t know what is! 

So there you have it! Five reasons to TRY cloth diapering. I hope I at least intrigued you into exploring some cloth diapering options, because it really isn’t as scary or intimidating as it appears. There are a lot of options that can save you money while making your little one as adorable as ever.  Thanks for reading! Xoxo.


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By:Old World New Baby

Unlike old school cloth diapers that were used out of pure necessity before disposable diapers existed, cloth diapers have made a resurgence as a conscious choice.  People that use them do so for many reasons.  Financially, they are easy on your wallet.  You can create an entire cloth diaper “stash” (the total amount of diapers that one owns) for less than $150 by shopping cheaper brands and buying second hand.  This $150 investment can last the entire time your child needs to wear diapers.  Cloth diapers are also a sustainable alternative to disposable diapers.

Disposables are so Yesterday

Disposables were a wonderful invention when they were created – and a sign of social status that everyone wanted to attain.  No one probably ever sat and thought about the true impact they would have on the earth, though.  Besides having to spend more money every time your child runs out (and lets hope they don’t run out in the middle of the night), they have filled landfills with material that is not biodegradable.  They also expose your child’s sensitive skin to a lot of chemicals, and they cause more diaper rash than a cloth diaper would.  Greyson has never had a diaper rash, and we hope to keep it that way.
A Cloth Diaper Print A Day…

Besides being a sustainable way to diaper your baby, cloth diapers are fun because of their prints and patterns.  That’s where this Cloth Diaper Style Series comes in.  We’ll be styling our favorite cloth diapers based on their prints and sharing them to show the fun side of cloth diapering.  First up: the fox!  This is a newly developed AIO (all-in-one) cloth diaper from Alva Baby.  We combined it with our Fox Wubbanub pacifierand clip of Fox from X-Files, which Greyson seems to like just as much as I do.  He’s a cool kid!
What the FOX say?

Alva Baby Cloth Diaper First (Impressions/Review)

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Author: Brittany Mandlekow from
We’ve had a love/hate relationship with cloth diapers while diapering Ezra. I’m glad to say we are at the love point again. I think it takes awhile to find your groove and what works best for you and your baby. That being said, we have tried many different brands out. Now that we have been using cloth for almost 16 months (we took a couple months off) we know what works best for us. This is my first  Alva Baby diaper but I do know quite a few who have used them before. Lets break it all down below↓

I’m going to call this more of a first impressions review because we have only been testing the diaper for about a week. I will update this review later once it has been in our rotation for awhile to see how it’s holding up. So far it has been working great for us. We’ve had no issues with leaks and I feel like we get a really good fit. The diaper itself fits very trim on my little man. It’s easy for him to run around in and well, just be the wild toddler he is.

The one I am using is a pocket diaper so that means that the insert get’s put inside a “pocket” in the diaper. Pocket diapers are one of my personal favorites because they are so easy to customize to your needs. My diaper came with one mircofiber insert. After “prepping” the diaper first, AKA running it through the washer a few times, I popped it on my guy. I had him wear it about 3 hours before changing. That’s typically how long we like to go in-between changes. It held all the liquids in nicely, no leaks! I honestly think it could have went maybe 4 hours for us but it all depends if your baby is a heavy wetter or not. I personally wouldn’t use this diaper overnight without adding in extra protection. Which again is really easy to do since it is a pocket diaper.

The customization of the buttons really insures that you get a great fit. It has a 2 rise setting and waist and hip snaps. Ezra is just about 18 months old, is roughly 24-25 lbs, and about 31-32 inches tall. To get a proper fit around the waist I have to snap it all the way shut. For the rise, I have it on the last snap setting. He still has plenty of room to grow in this diaper. On their site is says it will fit most babies between 6.5-33lbs. Meaning he could have worn this diaper right from birth until most likely potty training time. I would assume that it would be a bit bulky on a newborn but most all one size diapers are at first.

Alva diapers are a great choice for someone who is on a tight budget. This diaper typically runs about $6. This is much less than any other brand we own. You could build a pretty good stash of about 24 diapers for only $144. That being said you would probably need to buy some extra inserts as well. Besides being really affordable they have super cute designs for both girls and boys. Make sure to plan ahead on buying because shipping can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to arrive. If you need them quicker they do have a USA tab that has items that says they typically ships 7-10 days.
I also did a quick chit chat review about it you can find >Here< You can subscribe for more videos in the future!

Disclamer: I provided with a free product for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
For this original blog post visit:

Alvababy diapers

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I wrote an article recently about how to begin cloth diapering. I had lots of questions about what style cloth diapers are best. In my last post, I mentioned that we buy our diapers from Alva Baby, but I didn’t talk about what style diaper we use. This post is going to cover, pocket vs. all-in-one diapers and velcro vs. snaps. I still use all Alva Baby diapers for our cloth diapering stash, and have never had an issue with them. 

1. Pocket Diapers

Alva Baby diapers- as well as most modern diaper brands- have two different styles when it comes to the insert. The insert is the piece that absorbs all of the liquid and can be made with microfiber, hemp, bamboo, charcoal, etc. A pocket diaper has a slit at the top of the diaper that allows you to slide your insert into the diaper. You can choose the number of inserts you will use based on the amount of pee you are expecting.

Pros: The pocket diapers are easier to wash and dry. You aren’t suppose to put the diaper cover (pretty colorful part) in the dryer regularly, however you can use the dryer for you inserts. The covers are waterproof and thus dry very quickly in the sun, however the inserts take around 8 hours to air dry. Being able to dry them separately is huge.

Cons: You have to manually stuff your diapers after washing. Not a huge deal, but it does take some time.

3. All-In-Ones Aka Built Ins

An All-In-One diaper- also sometimes referred to as a Build In- has the insert sewn into the lining of the diaper. You wash the entire diaper as 1 piece. I can’t speak for other brands, but Alva Diapers also have an opening that allows you to slide in an additional insert if you want to beef up the protection.

Pros: Super easy to use and you don’t have to worry about stuffing them.

Cons: Because the diaper cover really shouldn’t be put in the dryer, you have to let the entire diaper air dry. The inserts don’t get direct sunlight or air while drying so they can take a long time to dry. Mine need about 10 ours out in the sun to dry.

If you are buying a large number of diapers and can’t let half air dry while you use the others, I would suggest All-In-Ones

2. Snaps Vs. Velcro

Gone are the days when cloth diapering moms had to use safety pins to secure their diapers in place. With modern diapers like Alva Baby diapers you have the choice between velcro or snaps.

The main difference between the two is easy of use and longevity. Obviously the velcro diapers are much easier to put on a wiggly baby. The snapping takes about 20 seconds-which isn’t a huge deal- but 20 seconds vs. 3 seconds can be huge when your baby hates diaper changes.

However, it is stated that the snap diapers hold up better over long periods of time than the velcro diapers. Velcro can lose it’s effectiveness over year of pulling on it, and can collect lint and strings making it less adhesive. I have never had an issue with snaps or velcro losing their effectiveness, however, keep in mind that the snaps may last you longer.

I also wanted to note, that some diaper covers can be made with different fabrics. We have some that are PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) and other are mink (soft and plush). This is just a style preference and doesn’t effect drying time or longevity.

So if you are trying to decide which type of cloth diaper is best for you, consider drying time, easy of use, and longevity. If you have any additional questions about which diapers would fit with your lifestyle, ask down in the comments!

Writer:Shelby Simone
The link to her

The feeling of using alvababy bibs

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I have been really looking forward to sharing this review with all of you. We are obsessing over these Alva Baby Bandana Bibs! We started out using Alva Baby cloth diapers, when we made the switch to cloth at 2 months. And we are now loving these bibs as an addition to our Alva products.

These bandana bibs have really been a life saver, as far as helping make outfits last through the day. Between the non-stop drool from teething and the reflux spit up, we were changing Carson’s outfit way too many times to count. Now I just snap on one of these stylish bibs and his outfit stays clean and dry.

I really love the fact that these bibs have snaps instead of velcro (I am not a velcro fan at all). There are two snaps so that the bib can grow with your baby. Which is a plus, since they grow so darn fast! They are made out of soft cotton on the front and very absorbent fleece on the back side, which is why they keep cute outfits nice and dry. And the patterns, my goodness, they are all so cute!

So far, I am extremely impressed with the function and durability of these bibs. Thanks Alva for this product!



*This review contains only my honest opinion*

Alvababy bibs

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If you read my previous post, then you know that I think Emersyn is teething.

She can be a little cranky these days, and she always wants to be chomping on something (which is NOT fun when nursing!). She is also a drooling machine. Emersyn is constantly ruining outfits with a steady stream of slobber. When Alva Baby reached out to me, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try out their bandana bibs! Not only are they adorable, they are amazingly affordable. I love the modern designs that go perfectly with her cute little outfits. And the best part, they catch all that slobber and I don’t have to constantly change her outfits through out the day!

These bibs are super soft, and surprisingly absorbent. They have two different snaps in the back so that you can adjust the size as baby grows, so you can get a lot of use out of them. My 3 year old tried one on and it fit him as well- he thought it was cool and pretended to be a cowboy for a while.

Thank you so much to Alva Baby for the bandana bibs, we are a huge fan!


Alvababy bibs

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High Chair: It’s pretty hard to survive without a high chair. Nick and I love that we can finally eat dinner as a family. Emerson loves that he gets to be a big eat and sit all by himself. I found our high chair at Target. I like how light weight it is I just wish it were easier to clean. I wasn’t expecting it to get so dirty in just one month! If I had a do over I would probably invest in a high chair that either didn’t have fabric, or had fabric I could remove and wash. I would also pay close to attention to any straps or small craves as they are difficult to clean.

Bibs: People can argue about what to feed, how to feed or when to feed, but every mom agrees that bibs are a must. The tends with bibs change every few years and right now bandanna bibs are all the rage. When Alva Baby reached out to me and offered to send me and pack of bandanna bibs I was so excited. Seriously these bibs are so stinking cute. They have so many different designs, but I had to go for teal with geometric and arrow patterns. I love that they are soft on both sides so I was just use to bibs to quickly wipe his face off. Also the back has a snap, which is nice back even if he pulls it down it won’t come undone. You can find the exact bibs I have right here!

Baby Utensils: I assumed I’d be feeding Emerson, but I was mistaken. He wants to use his spoons to feed himself. The utensils pictured I found at Target and they’re made out of recycled material so I feel like I’m being a good person by buying them.

Happy Baby Organic Wafers: Mostly we feed Emerson at home, but I also like to keep a little something for him in the diaper bag in case he gets hungry and I’m not in a good place to nurse. When surfing the baby food isle I was pretty shocked at the amount of sugar in everything, thankfully these have less than one gram per two wafers so I feel comfortable letting Emerson have them.

Washcloths: I don’t always have time to give Emerson a bath after eating, so I like to use a warm washcloth to clean him off. I like it better than wipes because I can control the temperature and warm is obviously much for comfortable for Emerson. Plus it’s more economical I can’t imagine how many wipes I would burn through if I used them to clean him after he ate!

Durable Flooring: Okay this might not be something you can just run out and buy… But I  am very thankful for my tile flooring when I’m picking up beans and oatmeal. If you have carpet I would try t get an easy to clean rug to keep under the high chair, or maybe get a dog? I hear those are great for cleaning up after messy babies.
I want to send a huge thank you to Alva Baby for sponsoring this post! Here’s any extra little tip, if you take pictures of your baby eating mashed potatoes you will end up with them all over your phone, just embrace it.

Alvababy pacifier clip

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Are you tired of looking for your baby’s lost pacifier? Do you want to know how to keep your baby’s pacifier clean? Don’t let your babies pacifier get dirty and gross, use an Alvababy pacifier clip to help keep them clean and close!

Pacifier clips are great to use in carseats and strollers. Babies seem to love to throw pacifiers at inconvenient times, but our pacifier clips won’t let them go far!
These pacifier clips are easy to clip on, but difficult for babies to pull off! They are made out of high quality, durable fabric, and the elastic loop is made to fit most types of pacifier brands. Check out our wide variety of designs.
They are also great to use at bedtime. Pacifiers seem to get lost in the middle of the night, but they are easy for baby to find if they are securely attached to their pajamas.
Parents want anything that comes near their baby’s mouth to be clean and safe, and you can rest assured that Alvababy pacifier clips are just that. They are machine-washable, and baby friendly.

Sun&Swim Suits

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As an alternative to sunscreen, Alva Baby Sun&Swim Suits are a fantastic way to protect your babies skin from the sun. Sunscreen can being annoying and difficult to put on a wiggly baby. Plus, you have to wait 20-30 minutes after applying sunscreen to go outside to allow the sunscreen time to activate. Sunsuits cover your baby completely and work immediately.

Sun protective clothing uses the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) scale for sun protection, and most suits are at minimum UPF 30 or higher. Our sun&swim suits are UPF 50+ which is the highest protection rating that clothing can have.

Our sun&swim suits are designed for play both in and out of the water. The soft, silky fabric is light weight and will keep your little one cool while playing out in the sun. The fabric also retains very little water while wet, so that it dries very quickly.

The long sleeves, high collar, knee length shorts, and sunhat all provide excellent protection from the sun.The fabric is also chlorine and saltwater resistant; meaning they are made to last through years of playing!

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