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I’m so excited about the product I’m reviewing today. I approached Alva baby myself to make this sponsored post happen. They sent me a free sample product for the purpose of my review, but all opinions are my own (and I’ve been in love with this brand for longer than I’ve been blogging)

So, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but my time has been limited, and I wanted to give this topic the attention it deserves. I feel like the timing for this recommendation couldn’t be any better. With Amazon prime day just around the corner (5 days away, but who’s counting?) I think it’s a great time to discuss my favorite brand of cloth diapers. While this brand does have it’s own website that’s full of awesome bundle deals, they are also available on Amazon in single, and bundle options, and at a fraction of the cost of most other note worthy cloth diapers.

Alva baby cloth diapers have been a family favorite for well over a year now. I started out fully using disposables, but as a stay at home mom I felt like I should give cloth diapers a chance, at least part time. When I started my search I found a lot of really expensive options on the market. At $29.99 per diaper I was worried about spending too much up front, maybe this wouldn’t have been a huge deal if I planned to use them full time, and knew the investment would be worth it, but I had never tried cloth before, and I knew I didn’t plan to completely cut out disposables. While searching and comparing options on Amazon I discovered the “Alva baby” brand. They had so many cute prints, a lot of really great reviews, and the best part? I could order one diaper, with two inserts for $8.99-$10.99, use my free two day shipping and have it by the end of the week.

This price was fully within my comfort zone so I ordered an adorable diaper and was so excited when it arrived. I followed the instructions and advice I had found in reviews on Amazon, washed the whole diaper, including liners one time, and then washed the liners a second time in my next load of laundry (This is supposed to help with the absorbancy)

The next morning I put one insert into the built in pocket and securely fastened the diaper to my daughter (at the time a wiggly, crawling, adventurous 7 month old. We went about our morning as usual, enjoying plenty of active play and floor time, and when I went to change her I was truly surprised at what I had found. The diaper itself felt dry, but the liner inside the pocket was very wet. Because I had only ordered one cloth diaper I replaced it with a disposable, quickly hand washed the diaper and the insert and tossed it in the dryer. I repeated the same thing after naptime and after about two hours of wear my daughter had again soaked the liner, but the diaper didn’t leak, and in fact, the inside felt dry to the touch.

Since that first diaper, I have purchased about 6 additional Alva baby cloth diapers. My daughter is now a few weeks away from turning two, is in the early stages of potty training, and we have never had a leak using these cloth diapers. Not only that, but my daughter loves them, they are extremely soft, they aren’t bulky, and her favorite part is the bright and fun patterns(arrows, foxes, dragons, unicorns). They even have a wide variety of special holiday patterns. I can’t say I am a cloth diaper expert. I haven’t tried a dozen different brands to compare for you, but because of Alva baby, I haven’t needed to. The quality of the design speaks for itself every day that goes by without any leaks or issues. I got really lucky picking a brand I hadn’t heard of on Amazon, and I’m glad I took the chance on a smaller company. If your thinking about making the switch, or incorporating cloth diapers into your routine check out Alva baby on Amazon. You can start the way I did, ordering one at a time, or you can order one of their larger bundle packs and really commit. Either way you’ll be saving a lot of money, and your littles are sure to love the patterns.

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