Cloth Diaper Review: ALVABABY


I received this diaper complimentary from Alvababy. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I started my cloth diapering journey in 2016 with Luna. It was a complete fail!

I had no idea what I was doing.

Cloth diapering was frustrating. It was a love/ hate relationship. More so on the hate side.
Only because we kept experiencing leaks and I was just fedup!

Fast forward to now:

I’ve been using cloth on Liam since day 1 and I absolutely love it!

Majority of my stash is compiled of Alvababy diapers. So I’ve been using them for months now and can provide you with indepth review!

This is a review for Alvababy pocket style diaper!



I love the fit of this diaper.

Personally, I like diapers with rounded tabs better than the square tabs. I feel like they fit Liam’s chunky legs better!

Alva sells both styles of diaper!

Another thing I noticed about the fit, Alvababy diapers tend to run on the bigger side. I tried to use them when Liam was a newborn and I wasn’t able to get a great fit on his little legs. But, that didn’t last very long. By one month, he was in the able to fit into in diapers on the first rise.

However, I do like that they run bigger! I was able to use them on Luna while we were in the process of potty training.

So if you have two in diapers, having a diaper with a bigger fit would be ideal.


Each pocket style diaper comes with one microfiber insert. For us, just one insert was not absorbent enough. I know some people are able to get away with just the one. But, one insert just wasn’t cutting it.

Simple fix: use two inserts in the diaper!


Alvababy diapers are great quality. No ifs, ands, or buts! My diapers haven’t experienced any fading, loose elastics, or broken snaps.

In comparison, to higher end diapers I would grab my Alva’s faster than those diapers any day!


As I mentioned, AlvaBaby diapers make up the majority of my stash.

I love these diapers y’all not only are the cute, but affordable!

When I initially made the decision to cloth diaper, I was only recommended expensive diapers (diapers 20$ +) . That was discouraging for me.

I didn’t want to spend money on expensive diapers, ruin them, and end up throwing them away.

Then I came across the Alvababy brand!! I was like affordable cloth diapers and they’re cute? #takeallmymoney

Alvababy diapers will run you 3$-9$ a diaper, depending on the style and where you purchase them from!

These diapers are perfect for starting out your cloth journey!


I highly recommend Alvababy Diapers! These are great quality affordable cloth diapers!
You can get yours here.

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