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Unlike old school cloth diapers that were used out of pure necessity before disposable diapers existed, cloth diapers have made a resurgence as a conscious choice.  People that use them do so for many reasons.  Financially, they are easy on your wallet.  You can create an entire cloth diaper “stash” (the total amount of diapers that one owns) for less than $150 by shopping cheaper brands and buying second hand.  This $150 investment can last the entire time your child needs to wear diapers.  Cloth diapers are also a sustainable alternative to disposable diapers.

Disposables are so Yesterday

Disposables were a wonderful invention when they were created – and a sign of social status that everyone wanted to attain.  No one probably ever sat and thought about the true impact they would have on the earth, though.  Besides having to spend more money every time your child runs out (and lets hope they don’t run out in the middle of the night), they have filled landfills with material that is not biodegradable.  They also expose your child’s sensitive skin to a lot of chemicals, and they cause more diaper rash than a cloth diaper would.  Greyson has never had a diaper rash, and we hope to keep it that way.
A Cloth Diaper Print A Day…

Besides being a sustainable way to diaper your baby, cloth diapers are fun because of their prints and patterns.  That’s where this Cloth Diaper Style Series comes in.  We’ll be styling our favorite cloth diapers based on their prints and sharing them to show the fun side of cloth diapering.  First up: the fox!  This is a newly developed AIO (all-in-one) cloth diaper from Alva Baby.  We combined it with our Fox Wubbanub pacifierand clip of Fox from X-Files, which Greyson seems to like just as much as I do.  He’s a cool kid!
What the FOX say?

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