Alva Baby Cloth Diaper First (Impressions/Review)

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We’ve had a love/hate relationship with cloth diapers while diapering Ezra. I’m glad to say we are at the love point again. I think it takes awhile to find your groove and what works best for you and your baby. That being said, we have tried many different brands out. Now that we have been using cloth for almost 16 months (we took a couple months off) we know what works best for us. This is my first  Alva Baby diaper but I do know quite a few who have used them before. Lets break it all down below↓

I’m going to call this more of a first impressions review because we have only been testing the diaper for about a week. I will update this review later once it has been in our rotation for awhile to see how it’s holding up. So far it has been working great for us. We’ve had no issues with leaks and I feel like we get a really good fit. The diaper itself fits very trim on my little man. It’s easy for him to run around in and well, just be the wild toddler he is.

The one I am using is a pocket diaper so that means that the insert get’s put inside a “pocket” in the diaper. Pocket diapers are one of my personal favorites because they are so easy to customize to your needs. My diaper came with one mircofiber insert. After “prepping” the diaper first, AKA running it through the washer a few times, I popped it on my guy. I had him wear it about 3 hours before changing. That’s typically how long we like to go in-between changes. It held all the liquids in nicely, no leaks! I honestly think it could have went maybe 4 hours for us but it all depends if your baby is a heavy wetter or not. I personally wouldn’t use this diaper overnight without adding in extra protection. Which again is really easy to do since it is a pocket diaper.

The customization of the buttons really insures that you get a great fit. It has a 2 rise setting and waist and hip snaps. Ezra is just about 18 months old, is roughly 24-25 lbs, and about 31-32 inches tall. To get a proper fit around the waist I have to snap it all the way shut. For the rise, I have it on the last snap setting. He still has plenty of room to grow in this diaper. On their site is says it will fit most babies between 6.5-33lbs. Meaning he could have worn this diaper right from birth until most likely potty training time. I would assume that it would be a bit bulky on a newborn but most all one size diapers are at first.

Alva diapers are a great choice for someone who is on a tight budget. This diaper typically runs about $6. This is much less than any other brand we own. You could build a pretty good stash of about 24 diapers for only $144. That being said you would probably need to buy some extra inserts as well. Besides being really affordable they have super cute designs for both girls and boys. Make sure to plan ahead on buying because shipping can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks to arrive. If you need them quicker they do have a USA tab that has items that says they typically ships 7-10 days.
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